By April Hathcock

On March 15, founding editors Stacy Konkiel and Lily Troia, both of Altmetric, and Nicky Agate of the Modern Language Association, will officially launch The Idealis, a portal for connecting to curated open access library and information science scholarship. Operating on the WordPress plugin Press Forward, The Idealis will include annotated lists of open access scholarship written by, for, or of interest to information professionals. Curation will be done by volunteer editors with expertise in the field. Each editor will serve on two-week rotations during which they will nominate pieces for inclusion in The Idealis platform using the Press Forward plugin. Initially, the collection will consist entirely of works focused on scholarly communication, but the hope is that The Idealis will soon grow to include scholarly work from a wide-range of library interests, including critical librarianship, public librarianship, school librarianship, and more.

The aims of The Idealis are simple: to help connect library and information science scholars to high-quality, open access work in and connected to their field. To this end, the founding editors take a broad view of “scholarship” and encourage the inclusion of works that may not otherwise receive a lot of attention but are nevertheless important to the advancement of the field. These could include blog posts, presentation notes, infographics, and other forms of alternative or “grey” literature.

Keep a look-out for the official launch of The Idealis on March 15 and  spread the word. Also, if you are interested in serving a two-week term as a general editor, feel free to fill out the information form.

In the words of founding editors, Stacy, Lily, and Nicky, “You don’t have to be an idealis(t) to imagine a better future for library-related research. Let’s start building that future today.”


April Hathcock

April Hathcock is a proud lawyerbrarian who works as the Director of Scholarly Communications and Information Policy at NYU. She speaks, writes, and tweets about diversity and inclusion in academia and ownership and access to research materials.

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